Product rebranding

AVITERA® SE is a range of sustainable textile dyes developed by Huntsman. AVITERA® dyes are poly-reactive dyes designed specifically for cotton fabrics (and other cellulosic fibers). The product has won high profile awards for having a "potential to make a tremendous environmental impact".


AVITERA® SE has made its presence known in the textile industry however Huntsman wanted to take the marketing aspect of the product to the next level. Hence a rebranding was necessary. I was commissioned to design a new logo and new marketing materials to strengthen the AVITERA® brand.


What essentially makes AVITERA® SE stand out from the other textile dyes in the market is that it saves up to 50% on water usage. So keeping that in mind while redeveloping the new brand identity, I came up with an "underwater" theme.

Client: Huntsman Corportation

Published: 2015

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator for logo design, Indesign for the marketing / print materials, Photoshop for photo manipulations

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