Huntsman core pillars

Campaign branding

The Textile Effects Division of Huntsman wanted to develop a brand identity that will embody its core philosophies. To effectively send the message to both internal and external audiences that Huntsman Textile Effects is not just about manufacturing and selling dyes and chemicals for textiles but it's a business that cares about first and foremost, the environment, developing cutting edge technologies for textiles and collaborating with several organizations to deliver the best possible results.


I developed a kind of branding for this campaign with respect to the existing global Huntsman corporate guidelines adding a "human" element. I wanted to project a kind of identity that involves people, showing that Huntsman Textile Effects is distinct from the other divisions in the company such that our products help make people's lives more colorful.

Client: Huntsman Corportation

Published: 2015

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator for logo design, Indesign for the marketing / print materials, Photoshop for photo manipulations

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